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Songs of the Tangled Wood

Available NOW on Kindle Vella

Description: “The human heart is a tangled wood, Florence, full of thorns and treacherous roots. You never know when you’re going to fall…”

The paranormal holds fascination for horror fans all over the world, but the best stories aren’t just about gore, suspense, or the uncanny. The stories that stay with us are the ones that delve inside, exposing the murky depths of the human heart. This collection of short stories from Abby Harding does just that, asking us who is the real boogey-man, anyway?

The Order of Us

by Moms Who Write, April 2022
Available in paperback and ebook

I have two pieces in the inaugural anthology from Moms Who Write:
– Going Through the Motions (a poem)
– August 8, 2017 (a narrative essay)

Description: Natural order is imperative for existence. Without it our world falls apart — we need leadership and food chains and circadian rhythms the way we need air. But what happens when we adopt an order that ISN’T natural? At some point, there will be a breakdown, and we will realize that there is a lot more to life than what we know. The boxes we put ourselves in suddenly feel too small, and the Order of Things feels a lot more negotiable. We fall apart, and eventually we put ourselves back together. This is when we reclaim our beauty and our chaos. When we restore The Order of Us.

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Molecule Lit Mag, issue 7, Fall 2022 (free to read on their website)