2022 Reading Log

2o22 Reading Goal: 52 books — Current Count: 2/52 (as of 1.15.2022)

This is the list of books I’ve read so far this year and the short version of what I thought of them. Books are scored out of 5: 1 — Do Not Recommend; 2 — Can’t Recommend; 3 — Sorta Recommend; 4 — Do Recommend; and 5 — Highly Recommend.


1) Prisonbreaks by Allie Gravitt — This indie collection explores the hard parts of being human: the things that hurt us and the things that heal us. 4/5; Do Recommend.

2) Once There Were Wolves by Charlotte McConaghy — Wolf biologist Inti Flynn has brought the wolves back to Scotland through a rewilding project, but the locals want nothing to do with her or her beasts. As tensions escalate, Inti and her twin sister Aggie may have to face the horrors that drove them from Alaska before they happen again. Atmospheric and mesmerizing, I devoured this one in an afternoon. 5/5; Highly Recommend.