A Genre I Won’t Be Writing (September IWSG)

This month, the question posed by the Insecure Writers Support Group is: “What genre would be the worst one for you to tackle and why?”

My answer? Any genre I don’t actively read! I’m a pretty eclectic reader, but I definitely have my preferred genres. I read a lot of horror right now (that’s what I’m working on writing), but I also devour science fiction, contemporary drama, thrillers, and a smattering of other things. I started writing a cozy mystery this spring (a genre I read voraciously in junior high & high school), but it’s been so long since I read any that I quickly got lost in the weeds. Writing a twisty whodunnit is hard, you guys!

If I had to choose one genre I’d be totally lost writing, it would be romance. I am not a romance reader and although I’m familiar with some of the tropes of the genre, it’s just not a style at which I would excel. I love a good, emotional read, but I’m not much of one for sappy HEAs, unfortunately. Kudos to all you fabulous romance authors out there. You are awesome.

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7 thoughts on “A Genre I Won’t Be Writing (September IWSG)”

  1. Hi, Abby!
    Happy IWSG Day! I’m with you. Romance is the genre that would be the worst for me to write. I also devour science fiction, contemporary drama, and thrillers, but I mostly write nonfiction. I enjoy reading some horror stories, but sometimes they are too intense for me. Wishing you success with your writing!

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