Dearly Beloved

This afternoon just won’t end. Mark’s still trying to catch my eye, and I’ve about run out of other things to look at. It’s been awkward. 

Not as awkward as this pet funeral, though, I must admit. 

Tess finally finishes her eulogy for Snickers, the Pomeranian, and invites us to put our roses on the tiny grave in her condo’s courtyard. Her landlord won’t be thrilled.

As we stand up, Mark rushes toward me, and I grab the arm of the guy to my left.

“Save me.” 

He stares, then sees Mark.

“Sure,” he grins. “Care for a drink?”

I wrote Dearly Beloved for the second round of NYC Midnight’s 100-word Micro Fiction Challenge 2022. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the final round, but I thoroughly enjoyed my first stab at a writing contest! My prompt for this round was Genre: romantic comedy; Action: placing flowers on a grave; Word: rush. You can read my first round story here. Read more Newsletter Exclusives here.